About Donna

I am so glad I have this venue to share with you!  My passion is helping other women in the areas of natural health, cooking, organizational tips, and life issues.

It was back in 1998 that I first began to experience some female health problems. (Listen to my story here).  In order to avoid major surgery,  I had to make a radical change in my thinking about what I ate, how I treated illness, and how our toxic world affected my body on a day to day basis.  I was surprised to learn that hormonal changes in a woman's life can begin as early as 30!  All I can say is it's amazing what a little change in diet and lifestyle can do – and NO surgery necessary!   I have no medical background so I can't offer any medical advice, but what I can do is share with you what I learned on my journey to regain my health. The information on this site has come from my own need and search for healthier alternatives. I also believe laughter is THE best medicine, so I will try to insert some humor wherever possible! 

Through the years I've had many ladies ask that I write about women and relationships from a biblical perspective. The Bible does speak about the "older" women teaching the younger. I've put it off long enough! The time is NOW!  After 40 plus years of marriage/parenting and learning from experiences along life's way, I believe I now fall into that "older women" category and might have some wisdom worth sharing!  

So, as they say in the south, come on in and sit a spell!  May you find encouragement, hope and inspiration here! 

Blessings to you in your quest for life and health naturally!