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Unfulfilled Expectations

I’m sure most of you have experienced unfulfilled expectations at least one time in your life.  Someone expected you to do something only they failed to “tell” you!  They just assumed you knew or that you would somehow do it without them telling you?  This can happen in a marriage, in the workplace, etc.  It happens […]



If you remember from my post "The Ultimate Price" I included a picture of some sickly petunias I purchased on clearance and nursed to health. Well, here’s the latest…..                                                         […]


The Ultimate Price

It is hard to believe that it is June and summer has begun (not officially but almost)!  I have always loved summertime. I have such fond memories as a young girl going to the beach, picnicking, driving on the country roads and enjoying the sweet smell of honeysuckle, gardening and there is nothing better than the taste […]


The Seasons of Life

I love this time of year and I especially enjoy the longer days.  Unfortunately, this time of year can also bring about many destructive storms. How devastating to see all the destruction in Oklahoma just this past week.  We can talk about the forces of nature, observe its effects, and sometimes even predict what it […]

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Food for Thought and Life…….

Ok, Ok…..I surrender! I've put it off long enough! For those who've been asking me to write about women/relationships from a biblical perspective – the wait is over!  The Bible does speak about the "older women" teaching the younger, so after 43 years of marrriage/parenting and learning from experiences along life's way, I guess I […]

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