Donna’s “DOO” Drops

Having trouble trying to find a gift for someone that has everything?Rain DOO Drops

Need a gift for a teacher, hairdresser, spouse, or special friend?

Well, look no further!!! We have a unique gift called "Doo Drops" that is funny and yet practical at the same time!! It is like those popular bathroom "sprays" but better!!   

Just a few Doo Drops Before the Doo Drops is all it takes!  NO MORE embarrassing moments in the office, at school or at home!

Doo Drops come in a 1 oz reusable amber glass dropper bottle.  Doo Drops are safe for septic systems and most importantly they work!!!!  

GREAT for ANY time of year!  It is sure to bring a SMILE and a little laughter too!! 


Valentine's Day SPECIAL
Buy One – $10 EACH + Tax  
Buy THREE – $28 + Tax  


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Toilet With Swirls and drops