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Women's Health – help for all generations!

If you are suffering from PMS, Hot Flashes, Menopause or Estrogen dominance check out a natural alternative to synthetic Hormone Replacement Therapy at 

Eve's Bio-Identical Natural Progesterone Cream - this is what I used to help alleviate my fibroid tumors (as well as a change in diet and lifestyle).

Natural progesterone, a cholesterol derivative, comes from Mexican wild yams. It matches exactly the chemical formulation of the body’s own progesterone and thus causes no side effects. Manufacturers of synthetic progesterone alter the chemical makeup of progesterone in order to create progestins. Progestins in their altered molecular structure may cause many side effects, such as birth defects or abortion, fluid retention, epilepsy, migraine, asthma, cardiac or kidney dysfunction and depression. See my website at for more information or to place an order! 


Aches and Pains – from playing too hard or just old age!
Equalizer Plus Arthritis Cream - great for all those little aches and pains from the aging process or just overdoing it!!!  

If you’re one of the millions of people affected by arthritis, STOP SUFFERING – INSTANT RELIEF IS NOW AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!  Equalizer Plus is a revolutionary new cream that combines the natural, yet powerful, pain relief of pregnenolone, Ginger Extract and Emu Oil with the cartilage and joint building benefits of Glucosamine Sulfate and MSM. And unlike other topical pain creams that have distinctive, often unpleasant smells, the deep penetrating formula of Equalizer Plus is odorless with no color added. See my website at to order!


Indoor Air Quality - Safe, natural solutions 

Do you suffer with allergies, asthma or other respiratory conditions?  It may be because of poor indoor air quality! Recent EPA & AHA findings released during the Air Science 40 Seminar Series shows that small particles in the air we breathe can cause high blood pressure and even cardiovascular disease. You wash the clothes you wear, you prepare the food you eat – what about the AIR you breathe? "If you can't breathe, nothing else matters!" 

Download our free Indoor Air Quality Consumer Awareness Guide at:


Zone Heaters  - Save money – Safe for every member of the family including your pets!

Portable heating at its best!  Stay warm without having to pay an arm and a leg!!!  Zone Heat!!!  Compare to Eden Pure – Check out the models we offer!!  GO TO:


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