Quick and Yummy Applesauce


I picked some apples from my dear friend Connie's (AKA Ethel) apple tree.  With all the rain in Georgia this year they seem to be doing better than ever.  I made some applesauce/apple butter and used my VitaMix to make it super smooth! 

Wash and peel apples – cut up and place in large pot – add just a little water, or apple cider, put a lid on the pot.  Check frequently to make sure there is enough juice/water in the pot for the apples to cook.  If not, keep adding a little at a time. Add a little cinnamon and some sugar if needed (I used a little turbinado – it all depends on your personal preference and/or sweetness of the apples you are using).  It is always best to just add a little at a time and taste test.  Cook apples until soft – use a potato masher for course applesauce or put in your VitaMix/blender to make a super smooth sauce!  That's it!!!  (You can also use a slow-cooker, but I like to just get 'er done so I do it on the stove top!)  

The end result was delicious! Use it to top pancakes, waffles or spread on toast, (instead of butter/jelly etc). or just enjoy as is!   


Apple Trees ready to be picked!

Apple Trees Cropped







My Bounty!

Apples in Bowl







Cut up and cooking!

Apples Cooking Close up







All done! YUM!

Applesauce Top View


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